Training Course – SMC

Training Course – SMC


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  • Step by Step: How to trade with Smart Money Concepts
  • 8+ hours of Video Lessons
  • 18 Articles
  • Best Strategy for Long term and Scalping
  • English Subtitles
  • Become a PRO trader course
  • Order Blocks
  • A-Z Smart Money Concept


Forex Trading Course

A Complete Smart Money Concepts Course : Master The Forex Market

What you’ll learn

  • You will understand the basics of market structure and how to use It to Analyze the market
  • You learn how to spot discount and premium pricing using Fibonacci
  • You will learn about order blocks in details to help you become a pro trader
  • You will know how to spot where liquidity is which enables one to know where to place their trades
  • You will learn how to Analyze different time frames and know to take trades profitably
  • You understand supply and demand zones in details and know how the market is manipulated
  • You will know how to make sniper entries
  • You will learn about risk and MONEY management and how to MANAGE running trades effectively

    Course Content:

    1- Market Structure
    2- Supply and Demand
    3- Imbalance
    4- Imbalance 2
    5- Fibonacci
    6- Liquidity
    7- Liquidity 2
    8- CHoCH
    9- Entry Models
    10- Confluences
    11- Trade Breakdowns
    12 – Trading Plan
    13 – Psychology
    14 – The Trading Process
    15 – Stop Letting Others Control Your Life
    16 – How Bad Do You Want It
    17 – Keeping Your Profits & Staying Out of the Market
    18- Demo vs Live Market Emotions


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